(WHTM) — An off-duty police officer from the Midstate made a life-saving rescue during the Thanksgiving season.

Officer Logan Becker of the Lower Paxton Township Police Department didn’t need to be on duty to know when a life is in danger.

“I had two of my children in the car. I was not working, and I was on a back road. There is a sharp turn, pretty frequently there are accidents there and I saw the fire before I saw the car,” said Becker.

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Becker made sure his children were safe and then rushed to begin a rescue attempt.

“She was screaming for help, and I could hear her banging trying to break one of the windows out,” said Becker. “I didn’t know how much time I had. At the time, the fire was pretty small, but I knew anytime it could get larger and the whole car could engulf in flames.”

Becker, who was on the phone with 911, ran to his car to get something to help the effort.

“I had my rifle in the back from the range earlier in the day. I used the butt stock of the rifle to smash out her windshield 15 or 20 times. I was able to make a big enough hole to get her out,” Becker added.

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Next May, Officer Becker will receive a heroism award from Lower Paxton Township for the rescue.