DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – Help is on the way from Dauphin County as Lexi Passaro with Urban Search and Rescue leaves today for Hawaii.

Passaro is one of two Pennsylvania Task Force 1 members who will staff a federal incident support team.

Passaro said, “In our case, we’re looking at search and rescue, so we’ll look at dividing up the local area, having our resources go out and conduct wide area search. they’ll look at things like how many structures are in an area and that all contributes to how quickly the searching can be done.”

“Pennsylvania is exceptionally proud to have these two Task Force members deploying to play a part in assisting with coordinated recovery efforts in Hawaii,” Director Randy Padfield said. “I want to wish these responders a safe deployment and a speedy return to their loved ones in Pennsylvania, and we extend our gratitude to the families and employers supporting them throughout their deployments. We are keeping the families of those who lost loved ones and everyone affected in our thoughts and prayers during this devastating time.” 

In addition to the Pennsylvania Task Force deploying, other federal search and rescue teams will join and coordinate with them.

Over the last several days, Hawaii has suffered extensive damage to infrastructure due to the wildfires. This has led to dozens dead and hundreds still missing.

The task force will begin working in Maui as early as Sunday, August 13 and are approximately to be there for two weeks.