DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — The Dauphin County Sheriff wants people to be aware of scammers impersonating law enforcement officials and trying to take your money.

And there are things they want people to remember so no one has to fall victim.

Dauphin County Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr. says the bad guys continue to go after people from all walks of life. They have lately been targeting people with real estate licenses.

“These are professional people being targeted,” Sheriff Chimienti said. “They are very busy, and they are getting phone calls they are in contempt of court. And these scammers are doing their research and looking to see what they do for a living and are attacking their professional licenses.”

The con is specific, judges and sheriff’s deputies call and say you’ve failed to show up for jury duty. Then they say you must now pay a fine, or lose your real estate license.

One victim recently lost $2,000. They are told to go to a convenience store and pay with cash cards while the bad guy remains on the phone waiting for the codes.

And Sheriff Chimienti says it doesn’t stop there.

“They had to speak with his supervisor that there were federal charges against her and he ended up transferring her to his captain. And the captain got on the phone and apologized, and said you understand there are more charges, and you need to pay two more payments of $450,” Sheriff Chimienti said.

Sheriff Chimienti says the scammers have been stealing money from people with various licenses, and says they continue to catch the victims off guard.

“We never ask for money from anyone over the phone regarding charges or a warrant for their arrest,” Sheriff Chimienti said. “We would never ask for money over the phone and that’s how these people are getting scammed.”