MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM)– A piece of Midstate history has been donated to a local organization.

“It is amazingly stable for its age,” member of Williams Grove Historic Steam Engine Association Jim Richwine said.

Wrapped in ivy and surrounded by overgrown shrubs it’s not hard to see why this structure is nearly a century old.

“It started out as a family amusement park,” Richwine said.

In its prime Williams Grove Park was the place to be.

“People came here with their picnic baskets and they spent all day,” Richwine said.

In the 1960’s the park was home to a hidden gem… a carousel.

“There’s a bell that would ring when it was time for the ride to start,” Richwine said.

Richwine’s family bought the park and carousel in the late 50s. It was sold to the Hughes family in 1971, they later closed it in 2005.

The carousel has stood there withstanding time ever since. But, not for much longer.

“Believe it or not raised in one piece,” Richwine said.

Raised and moved nearly a mile away to the Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association.

To move it, the carousel will be…

“Put on trolleys and moved across the railroad tracks a creek up onto a hill,” Richwine said.

You heard right, this massive wooden carousel will be hauled, all in one piece, next spring.

“Hard to believe that they can do it so it’s gonna be it’s gonna be something to see,” Richwine said.

It’s all thanks to its current owner Kathy Hughes, who generously donated the carousel to the steam engine association.

Once it’s renovated and restored it will assume its new role as a pavilion open to the public. But for so many it will be so much more than that.

“It’s going to bring back some memories,” Richwine said.