(WHTM) — While Tia Bynum only had one disciplinary incident on her record, Robert Vicosa had six.

According to the Baltimore County Police Department, 42-year-old Robert Vicosa was an officer with the department in Maryland for 17 years. He was terminated in August and had previously been demoted from Sergeant to Officer. His disciplinary record starts in 2007 when he failed to show up for court again in 2008 and lost one day of leave.

In 2019, the then Seargeant was accused of improper conduct with three female subordinate officers. Viewing inappropriate videos in their presence, making inappropriate sexual remarks, and leering. A trial board found Vicosa guilty of five of the six allegations. It was recommended he be terminated. The trial board imposed a demotion of two ranks and a 45-day loss of leave.

In March of 2021 after his demotion, two more incidents occurred. Vicosa was accused of sleeping on the job twice and refusing to do his job duties. He lost 20 days of leave and was terminated.

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As for Tia Bynum, she has worked for the Baltimore Police Department for 14 years and is now suspended. She was disciplined once for crashing a department vehicle in March of 2013. She lost one day of leave.