HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania’s Speaker of the House, Mark Rozzi, has been reluctant to speak about his grasping of the gavel so far, and there are still lots of questions.

Which party has power? Will Rozzi be an Independent? Which party will control committees and the legislative calendar?

abc27’s Capitol reporter Dennis Owens went looking for answers.

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Speaker Mark Rozzi was sworn in on Tuesday, Jan. 3, with lots of applause and plenty of votes. Rozzi pledged to be the first Independent speaker of the house.

“Caucus with neither Republicans or Democrats,” said Rozzi.

Republicans think Rozzi is now an Independent; Democrats think he will be Independent in thought but will remain slightly a Democrat.

So far, the new speaker of the house is not speaking on that.

“I’m hearing a lot of the uncertainty that you’ve heard where people don’t know where things stand in terms of the rules and committee structures,” said Tim Seip (D), a former representative.

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Justin Fleming, a brand new state representative, also spoke about Rozzi.

“There are some things we need to figure out. When we’re in session next, what the calendar will look like,” said Fleming.

Rozzi set three special elections for Feb. 7, 2023, pending a decision from the courts. Democrats are expected to win all three seats.

Will Rozzi then step down to make way for Joanna McClinton?

“We were hoping leader McClinton would become Speaker McClinton, and I’m still hopeful for that quite frankly because she’s done an excellent job in leadership,” Fleming added.

Other Democrats fear they just lost their hard fought one-seat majority.

If Rozzi truly becomes Independent, the State House will be tied 101 to 101.

A Facebook post, believed to be directed towards Rozzi, by Western Pennsylvania Representative Emily Kinkead, spoke on betraying friends and family and a hell filled with the souls of mediocre white men.

Philadelphia’s Malcolm Kenyatta tweeted that the arrangement was the best option available.

Many people love the idea of an Independent speaker. However, in Harrisburg Democrats have power, money, and people. Republicans have power, money, and people. Independents do not.

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Another issue is staffing. Rozzi said he will have employees from both sides of the aisle, but do seasoned workers want to say yes to him if there are hard feelings on both sides considering this is likely a temporary situation?

Some people have already flatly said no thanks.