CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – A tractor-trailer driver from York is facing charges after a serious crash that injured two Pennsylvania State Troopers earlier this year.

According to a criminal complaint filed by State Police, on May 19 two State Troopers were traveling on State Route 11 in response to a police chase involving three suspects.

State Police say at the same time, Donald Haney Jr., the driver of a Freightliner truck, failed to stop at a stop sign at Taylor Boulevard and State Route 11 and attempted a U-turn. The turn blocked all five lanes of the road, leading to the State Police vehicle crashing into the rear of the trailer.

The State Troopers were mechanically extracted from the vehicle and taken to an area hospital with serious injuries. One State Trooper sustained “extensive fracture deformities” including fractures to his orbital, jaw, skull, nasal, and arm, according to State Police.

The second Trooper sustained a C1 cervical fracture that State Police say required “significant therapy and rehabilitation.”

State Police say while interviewing Haney, he reported making the U-turn on Carlisle Pike to travel to his next delivery location and had only seen a blur of lights at the last second.

State Police say the Trooper’s vehicle was using its emergency lights and siren at the time of the crash and was traveling approximately 67 MPH at the time of impact. The vehicle’s dashcam also captured the full incident, according to State Police.

Haney has been charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault, as well as summary offenses for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, failing to stop at a stop sign, and for making an illegal U-turn.

According to court records, a preliminary hearing was held for Haney on August 11 in Cumberland County and he was released on his own recognizance.