EAST COCALICO TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — In a story first reported by our media partners LNP, more information is coming to light about an East Cocalico Township man who the FBI identified and charged in the January 6 insurrection.

Edward McAlanis is an official with the East Cocalico Township Parks and Recreation Board, where he serves as chairman.

The FBI began investigating McAlanis after receiving photos of him and inside and outside the capitol. Surveillance video later confirmed that, capturing him inside the capitol rotunda, as did cellphone records, placing him there around the time of the incident.

abc27 News reached out to the East Cocalico Township office for comment. Michael Hession, East Cocalico Township & Denver Borough Manager, told us McAlanis serves as a volunteer on the Parks and Recreation Board and is not compensated by the township. He also said that the township became aware of the issue from the newspaper article and that the board of supervisors is planning to meet and address the allegations soon. McAlanis is the third person from Lancaster County to be charged in connection with insurrection to date.