HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The East Shore Diner has been lifted onto two trucks and will be making the trek to Mechanicsburg around 9 on Monday morning.

The beloved Dauphin County diner owners say they were left with no choice but to relocate due to a long-term PennDOT project

The plan calls for the rebuilding of the I-83 Capital Beltway. PennDOT acquired the site the building sits on, making dining at the iconic spot impossible.

Owners say since they will be moving the diner over the bridge to Mechanicsburg, it will no longer be called the East Shore Diner. They are changing its name to Silver Scoop.  

“Thirty-eight years, the people! It is crazy. I saw kids born and then saw those kids as adults, it’s the memories of the people,” said Bill Katsifis, an owner of the diner.

The business owners also said they will update the diner’s Facebook page with the exact change in location.