ENOLA, Pa. (WHTM) — At a small food stop in Enola, you’ll find more than just drinks and your average menu.

If you step inside Center Street Grill, you’ll meet the award-winning king of wings, Matt Mager.

Mager has been the head chef of Center Street Grill for over 10 years. He brought the first-place trophy back to the Midstate from the National Hot Wing Competition in Buffalo for the hottest special wings.

“I just send an email out on their website and applied,” Mager said.

And it wasn’t just for any hot wing, but for his Cotton Candy Nightmare Wings.

“I was walking through the store I saw the cotton candy and blue raspberry sugar on the shelf and I thought, ‘What could I do with that?'” Mager said.

Well, he created a winging dry rub that packs quite a punch, to say it mildly,

“It has scorpion powder, ghost powder, habanero powder, chili powder, and some other chili powders and seasonings in it,” Mager said.

But, these intense wings have come long after many other accolades for his other hits sauces, showing them off in wing flights and at multiple competitions.

“We have a pumpkin buffalo, a Thai green curry, the bacon buffalo ranch dust which I just made last week, and a peach stinger sauce,” Mager said.

But, Mager said with all the trophies, wins, and losses, he creates the flavors for the community.

“In Enola, there are not many bars and restaurants like this, Costas was over here they went out of business now it’s going to be something else. Other than pizza shops with bars, there’s not much here,” Mager said.

So, I sat down to try the flavors myself, bumping Nightmare Wings with Chef Matt and taking a bit into the spiciest thing I have ever had, while Chef Matt took a pass.

I got one bite in and my photographer got a whole one down and attempted to play it cool.

Spoiler alert: It did not work. He was sweating and his leg was shaking.

But, back to Chef Matt, we both dug into the other two dozen wings, full of flavor and funny stories behind them, especially his chicken wing tattoo.

Visit Center Street Grille at 4 Center St, Enola, PA 17025.