HARRISBURG, Pa (WHTM) – During the months of October and November, the trees in Pennsylvania show off a beautiful display of colors as they undergo the transition to the fall season. With that change, comes the annual task of cleaning up your yard.

Some people opt for utilizing a mulching lawn mower to finely shred the leaves, whereas others prefer to gather them into piles for the city’s disposal or removal.

Each city, borough, and township have designated schedules for sweeping and debris removal. These are some common rules that are shared by all:

  1. Place your leaves in low piles next to the curb or the edge of the street for easy vacuuming.
  2. Do not mix tree limbs, hedge trimmings, or grass into the leaf pile. If the person doing the leaf removal spots anything in the pile other than leaves, they will pass by your yard.
  3. Some cities, such as Harrisburg, ask for leaves to be bagged in biodegradable yard bags. These are free to residents and can be picked up at the Public Works building from 8:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. The city also offers curb sweeping, which they will continue to do until the first major snowfall.
  4. Be sure not to block storm drains with leaves. This can be a common cause of flash flooding when it rains.
  5. To keep your lawn healthy and ready for lush green grass this spring, it is necessary for the leaves to be raked or mulched at least once a week so your grass continues to have exposure to the sun.

Please remember to visit your municipality’s Public Works website to access information regarding pick up and disposal procedures.