LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Fall is officially here, which means changing road conditions. There are a few scenarios you want to look out for on the road.

Deer are about to become very active during dawn and dusk hours.

“The leadup to the peak of whitetail breeding results in a lot of increased activity,” communications director for the Pennsylvania Game Commission Travis Lau said.

It’s not surprising that Pennsylvania has a lot of wildlife activity.

“Pennsylvania was one of the top states for animal collisions throughout the nation,” public relations manager with AAA Central Penn Doni Lee Spiegel said.

PennDOT data shows more than 5,800 deer-related crashes last year in the state. That’s the most Pennsylvania has seen over the last two decades.

The hotspots for crashes may not be where you think.

“The number one and two counties in our area are actually Lancaster and York followed by Dauphin and Cumberland,” spokesperson for PennDOT Fritzi Schreffler said.

Insurance companies also get more claims coming in this time of year.

“I’ve been seeing a lot more lately as far as comprehensive claims,” State Farm agent Aika Bodnar said. “Those kind of claims don’t count against you because it’s not your fault that you ran into a deer.”

Deer isn’t the only obstacle you need to pay attention to in the Fall. With the sun setting earlier, your eyes are in for an adjustment on your drive home.

“You’re getting that sun hitting you right about eye level as you’re driving so that makes it a little more challenging,” said Schreffler.

Also, as leaves start to fall they can become a threat on the roads.

“If you hit wet leaves and you hit your brakes it is possible to lose control of your car,” said Schreffler.

This is the time of year when a glaze of moisture may form on the roads in the morning and evening hours. You may not see it, but it can be treacherous.

It’s a critical reminder that these aren’t summer conditions anymore.

“It’s important that drivers remember to keep a safe barrier around their car while driving,” said Spiegel.