HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A Harrisburg family is mourning a teenage boy who was killed in a Saturday shooting.

The family of 16 year old Kyan King said he was shot this afternoon near 18th and Forster Streets.

Now they’re mourning the boy they remember as smart and sweet, with a goofy laugh.

Family set up a memorial on Saturday on the street where the shooting happened. They brought balloons and 16 candles, one for each year of Kyan’s life.

His sister Nyairrea Jones said they’re heartbroken by his loss.

“We all loved Ky Ky we love him a lot,” Jones said. “My little brother. Everything about him. I miss it all.”

Family member Destiny Williams shared some of her favorite memories.

“He had a very big laugh that you could hear all the way upstairs on the 3rd floor. You could always hear him laughing and talking and everything,” Williams said.

The family is also outraged at the man police arrested for the shooting.

“A lot of anger. A lot of hurt. A lot of confusion as to why that man would want to do something to an innocent 16 year old,” Williams said. “That’s something that I would never fathom. Like how do you do that to someone, especially him.”

That man, Orlando Duarte was arrested on Saturday and charged with homicide. Criminal records show he also served time for raping a child back in 2010.

Kyan’s family worries he was the latest victim.

“Keep your kids close because there’s predators out here. Ones just walking amongst us. Ones we don’t even know about,” Jones said.

They couldn’t be there for his last moments. But they are there now, showing their love through a memorial.

“We weren’t here for him but we want him to know that we were here. We were here to make sure that he’s ok and that he knows that he’s loved. He was very very loved, by everyone here around him,” Williams said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for funeral expenses. You can find that here.