BIGLERVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) — For many farmers, the expected heavy rainfall from the remnants of Ida will damage many of their products.

Over in Adams County, it was a race against time at the Mt. Ridge Farms as workers hurried to pick as many apples as they could at their 700-acre farm. All before mother nature brings in her storm.

“Right now with the rain that’s coming it’s extremely important to get the crop load that we have off the tree,” Terra Slaybaugh said.

Farmers say too much water from the rain will cause much harm, with apples cracking or splitting causing the apples not to sell to buyers.

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“It’s a lot of issues, now you have an open wound, and no matter what we would do to try and take care of it either I am not going to get to it quick enough,” Blake Slaybaugh said.

Workers say the honey-crisp apple is the highest in its value and too much water is detrimental.

“So, unfortunately, we are picking it as quickly and as fast as we can but the sales that we are looking for that profit that we are looking for will not be there.”

Another major concern farmers have is how too much water will affect their trees. This can cause the trees to lean over or eventually break. Staff says trees can be expensive to replace.

“Basically the devastation of the tree falling over, at that point once the soil loosen and the tree is officially fallen over either it’s done, or it could be potentially be put back up but then it doesn’t particularly crop like it would,” Slaybaugh said.