MIFFLIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – An investigation is ongoing in Mifflin County after vaping devices containing heroin or fentanyl were confiscated at a local school.

“You know this is alarming, it’s scary. It’s one thing we don’t want anybody vaping,” Mifflin County School District Superintendent Vance Varner said.

Varner sent a letter to K-12 parents about three vaping devices that were confiscated and tested positive for fentanyl or heroin.

Varner says he’s keeping open lines for communication with this disturbing national trend.

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“I said before I want to be transparent, I don’t want something to happen to one of our children, our students, and someone say, ‘I wish the school would have said something.’ That’s not going to happen on my watch,” Varner said.

Dauphin County Chief Detective John Goshert says fentanyl is a strong and dangerous synthetic narcotic that can kill you, and seeing this in vapes is shocking.

However, Goshert believes this is something happening all over.

“It’s definitely out there and this is a hard time in history to be a parent there’s a lot of twists and turns going on now with the drug thing,” Goshert said.

“The fact that people aren’t going to know what they’re getting, it’s advertised as something else and it’s going to be laced with fentanyl shows how dangerous this can be,” Dauphin County District Attorney Fran Chardo said.

Yet, parents will need to educate themselves as much as possible so they can have meaningful conversations with their children before it’s too late.

“I’m just asking as the superintendent, someone that has been involved with their kids at the district level, will you please talk to your student about vaping and explain to them what’s going on here,” Varner said.