A birthday trip to Dutch Wonderland didn’t turn out the way part of the Bade family hoped it would on Wednesday. 

“I wanted to cry,” Darby, who had three children with her, said. “We just did a two hour drive.”

The family drover from Maryland to Dutch Wonderland to celebrate six-year-old Asby’s recent birthday.

“The first thing we thought of when we pulled up was that not a lot of people were here and we’re not going to have long wait for the roller coasters,” Darby told ABC 27 News.

Flooding inside the amusement park forced an unusual move.

The General Manager of Dutch Wonderland said Wednesday was the first time since 2005 that the park had to close due to flooding. 

The park provided several pictures of the flooding that happened overnight. Several inches of rain covered the rides and paths with water. 

“It’s always a hard decision for us to choose to close the park,” Hannah Shepard, the marketing director with Dutch Wonderland, said. “It is important for us that our guests and employees are safe. That’s always our number one priority.”

Shepard said that the flooding mainly came from Mill Creek, which is in the back of the 48-acre property.

“When we have rain like this it’s important that we get all of our sleeves rolled up and get the park open again as soon as possible,” she said.

Before the park reopens Shepard said they will have to check the rides for damage.

“The quicker we can get the water flowing back to where it’s supposed to be the quicker the clean up happens,” she added. 

Shepard said the goal is to have the park open on Thursday.