(WHTM) – 48 pickleball matches in 48 states in less than 48 days. It seems nearly impossible but one man is trying to do just that.

Dean Matt, a Florida pickleball addict, and pilot left Florida on May 1 and is flying himself on his Cessna Turbo 2-06 from state to state and playing in pickleball tournaments along the way.

Dean Matt played t the Country Club of Harrisburg today and faced former NFL player and current Trinity High School Football Coach Jordan Hill.

Matt said, “For me, it’s as much of an aviation adventure as it is a pickleball adventure and I”ve been traveling with and without people throughout the United States.”

Hill said, “Today was my first time ever actually playing the game. I’m a quick learner and picked it up pretty fast. I’, already chopping at the bit to get back out here and play again.”

Today was stop number 34 for Matt. He’ll travel to Albany, NY tonight and be in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine on Sunday.