A court document has been released with new information about a triple homicide that happened more than two and a half years ago in Montgomery Township, Franklin County. 

According to court documents, 47-year old Brandon Cole, 39-year old Wendy Chaney, and 36-year old Phillip Jackson were found in a barn with zip ties around their hands, and gun wounds before being set on fire. What led to this? Police are pointing to gang violence involving a romantic relationship and a police informant. 

Police say after a joint investigation with other agencies and the Drug Enforcement Administration they now know details about those involved leading to 11 federal indictments, charging those involved with a federal crime.

At the time of the shooting police say they did not know who did it but that all 3 victims were targeted. State Police say they worked with the Drug Enforcement Administration and other local and state agencies to reach a conclusion to this case. 

According to a court document by the United States Attorney on Sunday, police are tracing the incident back to The Black Guerrilla Family (BGF), a nationwide gang engaged in criminal activities including murder, robbery, extortion, narcotics, and more.

Wendy Chaney was working as an informant providing information to federal, and state law officials about drug trafficking. According to police, some gang members began suspecting Chaney may be an informant and began a plan to murder her.

Police say Chaney, the informant, was in a romantic relationship with Torey White, one of the defendants. Police say White lured her to the barn where she was ultimately killed.

The release does not describe Coles involvement in the case. It’s unclear what relationship Jackson had to Chaney, or why they were all in the barn together. The court document does say Jackson bought drugs from gang members in the past. 

In June of 2016, all three victims hands were bound with plastic zip ties inside Jackson’s barn. Police say members of the gang then shot them in the back of the head and set them on fire.
Between the 11 people indicted there are 22 counts including armed robbery, drug trafficking and the intent to murder.

Investigators say a formal joint press conference involving all agencies will take place once the government shutdown ends.

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