(WHTM) – It was graduation day at the capitol on Wednesday for adults on probation or parole enrolled in a program to make acclimating back into society easier.

It’s a transition ceremony for individuals who have completed the Geo Services Reentry Program.

“Without this program, I don’t think I would have had any structure in my life I would have gone right back to what I was doing active addiction. I had people in the staff that were really encouraging anytime I felt like I was relapsing go back out and do things that were shown before that could wind me up back in jail they would talk to me,” said Tania Koslovsky, who recently graduated from the program.

This is a supervised program with evidence-based treatment for adults on probation, on parole, and pretrial defendants.

“It’s everybody’s job to help somebody who’s a returning citizen and help the mission of reentry and this program does exactly that, so it’s a benefit to the community, it’s a benefit to enhance public safety, it’s a benefit to rehabilitate the folks that are involved with this program and see them be productive,” said John Hogan, Manager, GEO Reentry Service.

Individuals spend six months to a year learning how to transition smoothly back into society by receiving employment assistance, rehabilitation, substance use counseling, and more things that could prevent someone from succeeding.

“I’ve done it I did it you know it’s like something I completed that I really wanted to complete and didn’t think that because of being an addict and recovery. I was going to be able to successfully complete something so positive,” said Koslovsky.

In 2022, 132 people entered the program. During that time over 1,000 drug tests were taken, but only 16% came back positive which shows the program is working.

“It takes a number of components of folks working together in a consistent and a continuous manner so that people can progress through lives and make a wonderful life for themselves and their families,” said Judge Scott Evans, of Dauphin County.