(WHTM) — There’s no doubt that Democrats vote by mail, while Republican voters have remained skeptical of the process. Now, the GOP in Pennsylvania says they are starting an aggressive campaign to get their voters to embrace the mail-in ballot.

There is nothing partisan about mail-in voting, but in Pennsylvania, participation is certainly partisan.

During his race for governor, Democrat Josh Shapiro received more than one million votes by mail; Republican Doug Mastriano got less than 200,000.

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Republican voters have been reluctant to utilize mail-in voting, even though the law was created by a GOP-controlled legislature.

“They’ve wasted two election cycles trying to claim there was fraud and issues with mail ballots, when in fact there have been zero issues,” said House Democratic Policy Chair Rep. Ryan Bizzarro.

Bizzarro blames Donald Trump for the skepticism surrounding voting by mail. “The only reason why it’s become political is because a former president has made it some weapon and used it as an excuse as to why he didn’t win his 2020 re-election bid. Period.”

The head of the GOP in Pennsylvania, Chairman Lawrence Tabas, agrees.

“President Trump didn’t have a favorable opinion of mail-in ballots and that certainly hurt us,” said Tabas.

Tabas also blames the Wolf administration for inconsistent implementation and changing guidance when it came to mail-in ballots. “They did not insist that every county handle it and deal with it equally.”

Republican State Representative Tom Mehaffie says his district likes mail-in ballots, Dauphin County properly secures mail-in votes, and the Republican party should be doing everything it can to secure mail-ins.

“Here’s where we should have been: the state party should have been over this the day it was accepted and put into law. That’s where we should have been, and we shouldn’t have been fighting it,” said Rep. Tom Mehaffie (R – Dauphin County).

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“As someone who’s an elected official, I’ll take votes in person or no excuse mail-in ballots,” Mehaffie added. “As long as they vote for me.”

Mehaffie said he his hopeful that the legislature can quickly agree on modifications to the mail-in law, such as pre-canvassing and specifics about required dates, that will make everyone feel better about the process.