LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – Wall 2 Wall is a group of local graffiti artists that came together this year to create murals around Lancaster City. They have been extremely busy since the turn of the calendar year.

The artists ask business owners ahead of time if they can create artwork for them on their buildings, and when Wall 2 Wall gets the green light, the magic begins.

“Now we have an art piece,” co-owner of Let’s Roll Electric Bike Shop Ryan Finger said.

The Fridge on Mulberry Street got its own artwork done earlier this summer. Co-owner Kevin Brown loves what Wall 2 Wall is doing.

“The scope of the project I think just fits the city and fits this neighborhood and fits our business,” said Brown.

The crew has assembled 22 projects since they got to work in May. Finger says he wants Wall 2 Wall to stick around.

“I hope it grows and I hope we get Wall 2 Wall next year and the year after and it just keeps getting bigger,” said Finger.

It’s hours of hard work. During the summer months, facing the heat is another factor. Yet, the time and effort does not go unnoticed.

“The amount of work these guys put into it; creativity, time and resources will serve the city really well,” said Brown.

Eric Regester, one of the Wall 2 Wall artists, says they put long hours into their art.

“If you include designs and every different individual artists, some of the walls had seven or eight people on them. Some of those guys came three different days and spent eight or nine hours a day,” said Regester.

He thinks this is a chance to be unique.

“It shows people that you don’t have to follow any one path,” said Regester. “You can do what you want.”

Those interested can check out Wall 2 Wall’s gallery showcase tomorrow at Eso Arts at 317 N. Queen Street at 5 p.m.