YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – For the first time in over a year, officials in the City of York say gun violence statistics are trending in the right direction.

According to the York City Police Department, there have been zero homicides since the start of 2023. This time last year, there had already been two. By December, that number was up to 22, the most the city ever recorded.

“Nationally, those numbers [were] high, it wasn’t just a York City thing, Group Violence Intervention Project Manager Tiffany Lowe said.

So far this year, only one shooting — which occurred on Jan. 1 — has been recorded in the city of York, according to city’s police department.

Officials are crediting a 2016 program, known as Group Violence Intervention, for the low numbers this year.

“We are a group of individuals — like service providers, law enforcement officers — and we come together and find preventative ways to stop the violence,” Lowe said. “[Things like] ‘what can we do to support you to keep you out of jail?'”

Lowe said she’s confident that as the program grows, shootings will shrink.