DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania gave grant money to firefighters in Upper Dauphin County as they prepare for wildfires.

The Halifax Fire Department applied for, and received, just under $600,000 from the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The fire company says they’ll use the money to buy hoses for their brush-fire truck.

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Most wildfires are started by residents who are not careful enough in dry conditions, according to the Halifax Fire Chief.

“Making sure that, hey, today’s probably not a good day to burn, its dry outside, its windy, the humidity is really low, so its probably not a good idea to burn today. We need people to make those smart decisions at that level,” said Chief Tim Neiter, Halifax Fire Department.

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Halifax Fire, like lots of rural fire companies, is all volunteer, so they rely on these types of grants.