HANOVER, Pa. (WHTM)– For the last three years, Hanover Borough Council planned to relocate its administration building to serve the community better. Now, those plans are finally being realized.

“It isn’t important that they’re separate buildings it’s important that they function for what they are laid out to be” said, Margie Lewis, Manager, of Hanover Borough.

Hanover’s public administration and police department have shared the same building for several decades, but that will soon change. Public administration will move across the street.

“This building that we’ve been occupying since 1970 maybe 74 has been a good building for us but it’s it has outlived its useful life for us, “said Lewis.

The historic building where the police department is located will now be the borough’s public safety facility. It will undergo renovations and will give police more space.

“I think it’s going to definitely professionalize the agency further again modernizing the building better and more efficient workflow all of these things are gonna be beneficial and help us carry out our duties to the public that,” said Joseph Bunty, Lieutenant, Hanover Police Department.

The new public safety facility will include an emergency operations center, increased evidence storage and processing space, more officer wellness and training facilities, but most importantly.

“It’s going to help us to improve the way we handle it and deliver services to the community. Several features within the building itself will also be a benefit. We’ll have an update to remove this operation center we’ll have more security in Python security in some areas evidence process would definitely improve storage revenues for all those things will help us serve the community better,” said Bunty.

Work on the public administration building should be completed by next November. Renovations of the public safety facility will begin after that.