HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — On Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2022, the Harrisburg City Council approved the 2023 city budget.

The budget for 2023, which is expected to be signed by Mayor Wanda Williams some time this week, is $110.45 million in total, Harrisburg’s smallest budget since 2019.

Breaking down the budget, $74.95 million came from the general fund and $20.01 million came from the Neighborhood Services Fund (NSF).

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NSF funds typically cover sanitation needs for residents of Harrisburg. The new budget will pull $1.6 million from the general fund into the NSF to fund four new trash and recycling trucks.

The NSF needed to utilize general fund money because of the $10.9 million in unpaid trash bills in Harrisburg.

Under the new budget, the Harrisburg Bureau of Police will be able to hire 16 new positions: a lieutenant, forensic investigator, detective, nine new officers, three sergeants, and two corporals. Once all 16 new positions are hired, there will be a total of 152 uniformed police officers with the bureau.

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“Replenishing our police force will continue to be one of my main objectives in office,” said Mayor Williams. “In the eight years prior to my administration, we were able to retain only 59% of our new officer hires. This is simply unacceptable. Our salary increase will make officer salaries more competitive, which hopefully means more patrols on the streets, and faster response times to emergencies.”

All police officers will receive a 3.5 percent salary increase annually.

Approximately $360,000 will go towards updating street lights and traffic signals. An additional $1.45 million will be put towards updating 50 ADA ramps, and $920,000 will be dedicated to building ADA-accessible accommodations.

Popular community events, such as the Bash at The Brownstone and Santa In The Park, will be included under the new Community Events Coordinator position.

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“We want to invest in our community because these are incredibly popular community-based events, and our residents deserve to have more of them,” said Mayor Williams.

Tuesday’s council session was the last of 2022. The first session of 2023 will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 3.