HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Harrisburg Bureau of Police Parking Enforcement Division announced a new ticketing system that will debut in June.

Starting on June 1, all Harrisburg-issued parking tickets will be printed and will no longer be handwritten. The city says moving to a fully computerized system will help the parking division be more consistent with their enforcement.

“Currently, what the officers are doing is they’re having to handwrite tickets,” said Chris McMillen, Harrisburg’s Parking Enforcement Supervisor. “From the time that that ticket is issued, you have 96 hours to pay it at the initial fine amount. After that 96 hours, there is a $20 penalty.”

The city also says that this will modernize payments, making it easier to avoid late fees.

“The parking enforcement officer with the city, the people wearing the gray uniforms and driving the gray vehicles Uptown and up on the Allison Hill and South Side area, they will be utilizing this new ticketing system,” McMillen added.

Harrisburg Police officers and park rangers will still utilize yellow, handwritten tickets, but the parking enforcement believes there will be far fewer handwritten tickets.

“None of the prices will be changing,” McMillen said.

Preferred payment is done online by clicking here, or by phone at (717) 987-6823.