HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A recent tragedy at a Harrisburg park has the community taking a new look at how Harrisburg’s parks are holding up. Millions of dollars are available to help revitalize three parks and Midstaters can have a say in how the money will be used.

Reservoir Park, Gorga’s and Wilson Playgrounds, and 7th and Radnor Baseball Park are all city-owned community places that officials are looking to fix up all thanks to money from a $13 million grant.

Matt Maisel, Harrisburg’s communications manager, told abc27 the public hasn’t shied away from recommendations.

“I’ve looked at it from all the different perspectives,” said Bob Reider a retired baseball player/coach who now umpires. “Looked at it from, as a player over the years, I looked at it as a coach, when your coaching young men or managing a baseball team and then looking at it over the years as an umpire.”

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But now, there is a much different scene: blocked off bleachers and a mattress protecting the back-stop.

“Here we can see that we’re just all, for lack of a better term the wire is shredded. We are an inner city field,” Reider said.

Ever since the tragic accident that left a 19-year-old player dead last week, Reider says the city’s parks are starting to get looked at more closely.

“I think there’s been a little attention paid to it, and that would of been four days ago,” he said. “It takes more than just a couple of baselines to keep a field to play ball.”

Reider grew up in Steelton and is no stranger to a city street corner. He played on the Twilight League which he says it hasn’t changed much at all, except for how people look at it.

“I don’t wanna say crowned jewel but this and city island {cut} you looked forward playing at 7th and Radnor,” Reider added.

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Reider wants 7th and Radnor, as well as all the other city parks, to have that hometown feel like he once had.

“I only remember the good stuff, you pitch and you’re walking off,” he said.

Maisel says the planned improvements have been an ongoing project for the city and have been gathering public comment since April.

He told abc27 that some of those recommendations include:

Adding additional seating and bleachers; providing more shade; sprinklers, better fencing; bathrooms; water fountains; lockers; cookout grills; video game and board game areas; security cameras; fitness areas; lights; more police and park ranger presence; computers.

Other design improvement requests include more lights, charging ports, more sidewalks and walkways for people who ride bikes and other small transportation, repaired backboards and nets, more cameras and obstacle courses. Some people suggested bike racks, more trash cans, and toddler-accessible areas.

New feature requests include art sketches, park murals, finger painting, bubble stations, and places for kickball.

Dugouts have not been specifically mentioned but are 100% under consideration.

To give feedback on how Harrisburg should use the grant money at Reservoir Park, Gorga’s and Wilson Playgrounds, and 7th and Radnor Baseball Park, take the city’s survey by clicking here.