DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Tuesday’s hometown heroes are the Harrisburg Police officers involved in the rescue at the Dock Street Dam in January 2022.

A call came in overnight about a car in the Susquehanna river and Harrisburg Police acted fast. Some of the officers were on the overnight shift for the first time.

Officers found Miquel Maldanodo Jr. with a knife up to a woman and child in the car. After a back-and-forth with Maldanodo in the frigid cold, Harrisburg Police shot four rounds at the man and were able to bring the woman and child to safety.

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“I wouldn’t change anything. I think the guys working that night and the girls working that night, they made independent decisions that brought it together as a team. I can’t speak highly enough of the dispatcher that night I know he was also recognized,” said Corporal Brandon Braughler of the Harrisburg Bureau of Police.

The unit was awarded for its response to the kidnapping and auto theft.