HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A man walked into the Harrisburg’s Public Safety Building Tuesday morning with a bag containing three pipe bombs packed with explosives, according to Harrisburg Bureau of Police.

The man said he found the explosives on Cameron Street and brought them to police as a good samaritan.

“It was a scare but thank God everybody is okay,” Harrisburg Bureau of Police Commissioner Thomas Carter said. “Right away, my people cleared the building, got the person outside, got the package outside.”

All three floors of the Public Safety Building were evacuated, along with several homes and storefronts in a two-block radius of Walnut and Second Streets. Police also closed the 100 block of Walnut Street, River Street between Walnut and Strawberry and part of Second Street for about two hours.

“They put a barricade of cars up there in case it was real, in case it went off, that we can shield some of the blast,” Carter said.

A Pennsylvania State Police Bomb Squad team was called in to assist and took the explosives to a safe location to detonate them.

“The robot came out collected them, they X-rayed them and stuff like that,” Carter said.

Officials said this situation could have been much worse.

“We’re just lucky this time that nothing really happened. We get a lot of calls about bombs and what have you, but they’re usually false,” Carter said.

That is why every threat has to be taken seriously.

“Whenever there’s any type of situation where the word bomb is involved, we stop what we’re doing, we do not take that lightly,” City of Harrisburg spokesperson Matt Maisel said.

Harrisburg police officers interviewed the man who brought the bag into the building and released him without pressing charges, saying they believe he was a good samaritan.

The City of Harrisburg postponed Tuesday’s city council meeting and the building reopened on Wednesday after a full sweep.

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