HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Anyone looking for an apartment in the Harrisburg area knows it’s extremely difficult to find affordable, quality housing. Turns out, the Harrisburg rental market is one of the most competitive in the nation.

According to a study published by RentCafe, Harrisburg was the fourth most competitive rental market in the country.

The study found that 96.5% of Harrisburg apartments are occupied and that units are only sitting vacant for 33 days.

The ranking puts Harrisburg in line with rental markets like Miami, Orlando, Grand Rapids, and North Jersey.

Suburban Philadelphia and Pittsburgh also ranked in the top 20 competitive markets.

RentCafe’s 20 most competitive rental markets were based on a combination of five metrics: average number of days an apartment sits vacant, the percentage of apartments that are occupied, the number of prospective renters, lease renewal rate and the share of new apartments.

RankMarketScoreAvg. vacant daysOccupied apartments
1Miami-Dade County, FL118.02597.5%
2Grand Rapids, MI112.62896.9%
3Orlando, FL109.32896.8%
4Harrisburg, PA108.73396.5%
5North Jersey, NJ107.53297.2%
6Milwaukee, WI102.62996.4%
7Central Jersey, NJ96.84196.8%
8Orange County, CA96.33197.2%
9Rochester, NY96.13596.2%
10Omaha, NE96.12596.7%
11Southwest Florida93.43196.1%
12Suburban Philadelphia, PA89.53895.8%
13San Diego, CA82.62997.1%
14Broward County, FL82.23496.1%
15Richmond-Tidewater, VA81.32895.8%
16Pittsburgh, PA81.23395.9%
17Tampa, FL80.53295.5%
18Suburban Chicago, IL79.33495.5%
19Bridgeport – New Haven, CT77.73396.2%
20Lansing – Ann Arbor, MI77.33195.5%

What 2023 has in store for renters is yet to be seen, but experts are signaling hope. Fed Chair Jerome Powell, in a speech last week, pointed to the decline in goods prices as an encouraging sign. Powell suggested that housing costs, including rent, which have been a major driver of inflation, should also start to slow next year.

Wholesale prices in the United States rose 7.4% in November from a year earlier, a fifth straight slowdown and a hopeful sign that inflation pressures across the economy are continuing to cool.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.