HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Tri-County Housing Development Corporation (TCHDC) officially announced earlier today that the Mount Pleasant Homes Revitalization Project is now completed.

The revitalization project was created to provide affordable housing for families in need back in 2010. The project was led by the Executive Director of TCHDC Gary Lenker. According to TCHDC, Lenker also serves on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvanian Housing Financing Agency (PHFA).

The Mount Pleasant Homes Revitalization Project was financially supported through funds provided by several local banks, as well as financial support from the city, county, and state. All together – including the acquisitions, demolitions, land developments, and construction, the project cost approximately $5 million, according to Lenker.

The revitalization project is described as a “block-long extreme makeover,” which consisted of constructing 16 new single-family homes – spanning across 15th and 16th Streets in Harrisburg’s Mount Pleasant section. The 16 homes are all equipped with identical features, including:

  • 1,600 Square Feet space
  • Four bedrooms
  • One full bathroom
  • Two, half bathrooms
  • Rear parking
  • Security system

According to Lenker, the first 10 homes were constructed by S & A Homes, three homes were constructed conjunctively between Harrisburg Habitat and TCHDC, and the last three homes were constructed by WSL Incorporated.

New homeowners of the affordable houses will have an opportunity to apply for a 10-year tax abatement under Harrisburg City’s Local Economic Revitalization Tax Abatement program (LERTA). This tax abatement has also been offered by the county and the school district to help keep the tax bills more affordable for these families, according to TCHDC.

Additionally, to qualify for one of these new 16 affordable houses, families needed to have between 51% – 80% of the median family income. An example provided by TCHDC was that if a family of five qualified for one of these affordable houses, they would have to earn between $50,951 and $81,500 annually.

The average monthly cost for one of these homeowners of the affordable homes is approximately $1000 a month, according to Lenker.

In celebration of the final three homes being built and sold on Swatara Street, as part of the Mount Pleasant Homes Revitalization Project, TCHDC hosted a celebration ceremony earlier today at 11:30 a.m.

In attendance were some recognizable names such as Mayor Wanda R.D. Williams and many others involved in the projects completion.

“When I ran for mayor, I did so under the promise that together, we would create more homes for low-to-moderate-income families,” Mayor Williams said. “It is an honor to stand here today where soon, these very families will be able to call these houses a home.”

The celebration was held at 1505 Swatara Street in Harrisburg.