HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A fight involving 22 students took place Tuesday afternoon at John Harris High School in Harrisburg.

According to a statement from Harrisburg School District Superintendent Eric Turman, which was released on Sept. 28, the fight occurred outside of the cafeteria of the school around noon on Tuesday. One student was injured in the fight and received medical treatment.

The statement also said that the Harrisburg School District will be imposing the “most serious disciplinary actions possible” under the student code of conduct, which can result in the suspension or expulsion of the students involved.

Turman has also said that violence or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated on any school property in the distinct

The district has hired a Director of School Police Officers who will be building relationships between the district, law enforcement, students, families, and the school community.

You can read the full statement from the superintendent below.

Dear Harrisburg School District,

I am writing to share with you the very unfortunate news that 22 students were involved in a fight outside our cafeteria around noon yesterday at John Harris High School. One student was injured in this fight and received medical treatment.

An incident like this is extremely upsetting and troubling for our entire school community. Acts of violence and/or inappropriate behavior simply will not be tolerated on school property. The Harrisburg School District will impose the most serious disciplinary actions possible under our student code of conduct and discipline code. This could include suspension and/or expulsion.

The Harrisburg School District met today to begin discussions with Mayor Wanda Williams and the Harrisburg Bureau of Police to establish a partnership to provide additional support at John Harris Campus. We’ll share more details as we finalize this partnership.

To enhance safety and security, the District recently hired a Director of School Police Officers who will focus on bridging and building relationships between the District, law enforcement, students, families, and the broader school community. Again, we’ll be sharing more information about this role in the coming days and weeks.

In an effort to support students, our high school team offered counseling and support services for our students this week and will continue to be available.

We are also asking for support from parents, guardians, students, and community members. We simply cannot solve these issues alone.

We appreciate your continued support and cooperation. We are completely committed to ensuring that our schools are safe for everyone.

Mr Eric Turman, Superintendent