HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — More murals are taking shape in the city of Harrisburg as part of the 2021 Harrisburg Mural Festival.

On Saturday artists began work on the Mulberry Street bridge. It’s the largest project to date for Sprocket Mural Works.

What’s now a blank canvas from downtown Harrisburg to Allison Hill will soon be transformed into public artwork.

“We’re doing a process called pouncing that transfers through a piece of paper that has tiny little perforated holes in everything from this rough sketch that you see,” artist Ian Potter said. “But what the artists do…we’re going to turn this rough, rough sketch into the photo.”

The photos are of people living in Harrisburg.

“We kind of have to do ’em justice ’cause most likely they’re going to be walking across this bridge and seeing their face,” Potter said.

Potter is a prominent New York City muralist and Harrisburg native.

“It’s really kind of cool to come back and do a project at this scale,” Potter said.

The canvas is 230 feet long and seven feet high. Potter is being assisted by three apprentices, including Kwatei Hector.

“Seeing beautiful things changes a lot of people’s mindset. It makes people feel good about themselves, especially when they meet the artists, like the people that’s coming by throughout the day,” Hector said.

“We’re going to have each apprentice do 1 to 2 portraits and I’m going to kind of break it down, kind of how to approach it, how to bring out the features,” Potter said.

“It’s a (stepping) stone to us hiring them to produce larger murals,” Meg Caruso, president and co-founder of Sprocket Mural Works said.

Caruso says these murals are to celebrate the community.

“Harrisburg’s an amazing city and I feel like our murals really support that,” Caruso said.

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“Seeing this in the city, I’m very proud of it,” Hector said. “I’m very proud to see that a lot of people are coming together to make it happen.”

These artists are making the Mulberry Street bridge a brighter place to pass by.

“Giving people the experience to kind of walk around on their daily commute and see something that’s beautiful that’s cool to look at and incorporates people from the community is pretty fantastic,” Potter said.

Sprocket Mural Works has several more projects to do, including a mural at Mid Penn Bank in Steelton that also started Saturday.

If you’d like to volunteer to help paint the mural on the Mulberry Street bridge, click here.

You can also find more information on the Sprocket Mural Works website.