HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — This time of year, Midstate drivers already have seen enough on their plate. From buying gifts to managing the pressures of the pandemic, and holiday travel.

So lower gas prices can be a sigh of relief at least for now.

“On top of the gas prices holiday travel pretty much has me burned out,” James Deiter said.

After filling up his tank, Midstate driver James Deiter spent nearly $40 as he can now make his way back home. Deiter says lately stopping at the pump can burn a hole in his wallet.

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“I’ve seen such a huge increase over the last year, year in a half any raise or bonus that I would’ve gotten was pretty much going right back into the tank of the car,”

According to a GasBuddy report, gas prices in Harrisburg have fallen 2.8 cents per gallon within the past week. That’s $3.56 on average.

Also, the cheapest prices you can find at a Harrisburg gas station $3.21 three dollars and on the other hand the most expensive; $3.69

The reason why we’re seeing a drop in gas prices —

“With the fears of COVID and the strains of COVID there may be some fear of global economic slowdown through the holidays,” Doni Lee Spiegel with Central PA AAA said.

Staff with Central Pennsylvania AAA says there were many vehicles on the road for the Thanksgiving season.

They expect even more for the Christmas holiday.

“It is really good news for the consumer, we know it’s a holiday time frame people are spending a little bit more right now there’s plans to travel of course for the holidays to see some loved ones so it’s going to help some people you know in their pocket,” Spiegel said.

As for Deiter, he says Christmas traveling won’t be on his list this year but the summer might be a different story.

“You know my truck gets about eight miles to the gallon when we’re pulling the camper at these prices other than staying in the camper maybe it will just stay in the yard, and we will just hang out inside,” Deiter said.