HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A non-profit organization called Historic Harrisburg Association (HHA) officially announced on Jan 23, 2023, a draft of this year’s list of historical sites and buildings that made their ‘Preservation Priorities 2023’ drafted list.

HHA is a non-profit, charitable and educational organization whose priority is to advocate for the restoration, preservation, and proper stewardship of historic neighborhoods and landmarks throughout the Capital Region, according to their website. FHA’s main goals through its advocation are to:

  • Optimize local preservation planning
  • Enhance new and existing partnerships
  • Encourage advocacy
  • Identify and recruit new constituents
  • Operate an inclusive and comprehensive city-wide historic preservation program

The properties that were selected to be in this year’s draft of HHA’s Preservation Priorities 2023 list were chosen because of their cultural significance, architectural integrity, and adaptability for several new purposes. This year’s drafted list consists of the:

Market Street Bridge:

Market Street Bridge photograph

The Market Street Bridge, which is currently owned by PennDOT, was constructed between the years 1926-1928.

The Balsley House:

The Balsley House photograph

The Balsley House is one of the few remaining federal period buildings left in Harrisburg. The house is located at 220 N. Second St.

William Penn High School:

William Penn High School photograph

William Penn High School was originally built back in 1926 and is currently located in uptown Harrisburg where it lays vacant.

Harrisburg State Hospital campus:

Harrisburg State Hospital photograph

The Harrisburg State Hospital was the first hospital built in Pa. for the purpose of treating mental illness. Additionally, this landmark is listed in the National Register of Historic Places – the hospital is located on Cameron St.

Prospect Hill Cemetery Gate House:

Prospect Hill Cemetery gate House photograph

The Prospect Hill Cemetery Gate House is located at 25th and Market St.. The current owner of the historic home has done recent stabilization work and is currently weighing different ownership and sales options.

According to HHA, the reason that the update and adoption of the annual list of preservation priorities is integral to their core mission is that preserving these sites and buildings:

  1. Attracts residents and visitors to the city by creating a desirable and unique lifestyle
  2. Provides environmental advantages by reusing existing materials and structures
  3. Brings economic benefits by offering experiences and investment opportunities that do not exist anywhere else

“As a result of this exercise each year, I can say that quite a few properties that were listed as priorities in the past have become ‘alumni’ of the list,” HHA’s executive director David Morrison said. “In other words, they’ve been restored.”

The Preservation Priorities 2023 drafted list will be presented for official adoption by the HHA Board of Directors at its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 7.

To view the presentation by Morrison and the Preservation Committee Chair, Sara Sweeney for the Preservation Priorities 2023 drafted list, you can click here.

HHA is located at 1230 N. Third St. and was founded back in 1973. For more information, you can visit HHA’s website at www.historicharrisburg.org