DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM)– You might not even know it exists, but whether or not you do, one local park is about to get a lot better.

Dauphin County officials came together to detail plans for Detweiler Park in Middle Paxton Township, a place where there’s much more than meets the eye.

“A lot of people don’t even know that this park exists because the trailhead is located in the kind of a remote location with an entrance here right off of Peter mountain I think everyone’s going to become I think hopefully more aware of this beautiful park,” Dauphin County Commissioner Chad Saylor said.

Multiple improvements are coming to the park, including a pavilion, lighting, an event space and a new 1.4-mile handicap-accessible loop trail.

“The gift it was to live in perpetuity in perpetuity for the benefit of everyone what makes Detwiler’s beginnings a gift is the fact that people like you saw publisher and the Girl Scouts are doing projects here investing in it this is really a part of the people and I think that’s what makes that line so special,” said Saylor.

Detweiler is one of the largest parks in the county and everyone is excited to see it take a big step forward.

“I feel that in the next couple of years is going to be a very big park and it’s going to be amazing and people are going to learn so much just from walking through it,” Girl Scout Brooke Whisler said.

Construction is expected to begin in early spring and wrap up sometime next summer.