LOWER PAXTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) – AT&T is expanding its 5G Network to Lower Paxton Township.

Coverage and capacity will be enhanced around the I-81 and I-83 Interchange and around Commerce and Interstate Drives with the new site in Lower Paxton Township.

This new site will help businesses and residents get the best possible experience.

The expansion also brings the Band 14 spectrum to the area. FirstNet specifically gets the Band 14 spectrum set aside for them by the government. When FirstNet subscribers are not using the spectrum AT&T subscribers get to use Band 14’s added coverage and capacity.

David Kerr, president of AT&T Pennsylvania said, “At AT&T, we’re continuing to invest in our mobile broadband network in counties and communities across the Commonwealth to make connections easier for residents, visitors, businesses, and first responders throughout Pennsylvania. These investments add to the quality of life, commercial vitality, innovative spirit, and economic competitiveness of Pennsylvania.”

For more information, visit the Pennsylvania AT&T website.

To learn more about FirstNet, click here.