HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — It has been nearly four months since fire tore through Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market, but the temporary tent for vendors still is not ready. Why the delay?

“To be completely honest with you, it’s not where we want it to be,” city spokesperson Matt Maisel said.

The city had hoped to have it ready within weeks, but Maisel explained, that was not possible.

“What we’re experiencing is what so many other people across this country, really throughout the world have been experiencing,” he said.

That would be supply chain issues. Contractors are busy with other jobs, and PPL does not have the parts to finish the electric hookups.

“Vendors are frustrated and they have a right to be frustrated. We’re frustrated as well,” Maisel said.

Still, vendors are getting ready, adjusting for a smaller space by downsizing their inventory.

“Whatever one vendor doesn’t have, another vendor will fill in, and it’s really a united effort,” Broad Street Market Executive Director Tanis Monroy said.

Monroy and Maisel say that community effort is why the skeleton of the tent is starting to take shape at all.

“We have the manpower, various volunteers from labor unions, trades who are really working at all hours of the day and night,” Monroy explained.

Still, speed is of the essence, especially as the seasons change.

“November is coming and you can really feel it. So we’re trying to get this up and running,” Monroy said.

It is not just important for the vendors; the community needs this too.

“Broad Street Market provides fresh produce, meats, vegetables, fruits, you name it, to people who live in the city in walking distance,” Maisel said.

Maisel said the city does not have an opening date, but he said the tent will be a space for everyone.

“Is it as fast as we initially wanted? No, it’s not. But we are continuing to move forward,” he said.

Monroy added, “You know, hang in there, we’re almost done.”

The city is also facing delays in rebuilding the brick building. Insurance agencies are still reviewing the damage, and work cannot start until they are done.