HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Noelle Haig is a high schooler, girl scout, volunteer, and perhaps, one of Harrisburg’s biggest heroes.

“We wanna help people in need throughout the community,” Haig said.

And with the support of those around her, Haig is doing just that. During the pandemic, she created what’s now known as “The Community Closing Closet.” All of the items in it are donated by the community and free to those in need.

It started off small, with only a few bags of donated clothes coming in each week. Soon enough, that would change.

“Now, the donations just keep coming in and in. We had to upgrade and get our own room,” Haig said.

That room, located in the Mt. Laurel Church of God, is now filled with jackets, shirts, shorts, shoes, and much more.

“We encourage everyone to take what they need,” Holly Haig, Noelle’s mother, and the Community Closet coordinator said. “Bring friends, bring family, tell everyone you know

The closet is open every fourth Saturday of the month.

Clothing items are also donated to different charity organizations, specifically ones that benefit the homeless.

Donation items for the Community Closet are accepted at the purple drop box outside of the Mt. Laurel Church of God.