HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Glenn Hickey has been a contractor for 12 years and does a lot of work in the city of Harrisburg. He says he has parked this truck and 16 foot box trailer trailer on Forester Street many times when he is working in the city and always pays for parking, but last week when he came back out to his truck he got a surprise.

“I still had time on my app but there was a ticket on my windshield, so I just didn’t know how that happened,” said Hickey.

He called Park Harrisburg, which handles parking in the city.

“I said I don’t know why I got this ticket and come to find out you have to pay for your trailer to park too, which was a big shock,” said Hickey.

A big shock because he says he never got a ticket for his trailer before, even though he took up two spots.

“I asked what if I had a 26 foot box truck, delivery truck, or a U-Haul truck and they said that’s only one license plate so you would only have to pay for one parking spot, but because my trailer has a license plate, which you are required to have, it got a ticket,” said Hickey. “I thought it was a unfair thing.”

There is no signage on the street or the parking app that says you have to pay per license plate, so he tried to appeal the ticket, but it was denied.

He says doing business in the city of Harrisburg just got more expensive.

“For me to be there all day it’s 30 or 40 bucks times two now. Contractors are living week to week too, were are not going to have to eat all of that. We are going to split it or hand it over to the customer. They are really making it hard for the customers and for the workers in the city,” said Hickey

Park Harrisburg did not respond to a request for comment.