HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Hundreds of people packed Front Street and City Island in Harrisburg for the 107th Kipona Festival.

“It’s nice to see everyone out here of all cultures and all colors,” said attendee Chris Jordahl.

The 3-day festival features about 60 artisan vendors, dozens of musical acts, food trucks and the 26th Annual Native American Pow-Wow.

“Pow wows are really gatherings for not just indigenous people, but they are based on indigenous people coming together singing, dancing, celebrating,” said attendee Cliff Matias.

Kipona is to honor Native American traditions and showcase Native American crafts, dances, and music.

“It’s very important for us to be able to do this because it shows that were still here as Native people you know were still around. We’re not extinct,” said dancer Michael Simms.

Michael Simms says the festival is also about education.

“We live amongst normal society people in houses and our kids go to school with your kids and come out and learn a little bit more about our culture,” said Simms.

A Native American veteran says you may notice many veterans at the festival.

“If you don’t know already native Americans have proportionally been the largest group of people who have not only enlisted but participated in every war since the very beginning of this nation,” said veteran Ronnie Williams.

Kipona runs through the end of Labor Day weekend.