HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — On Thursday, a beloved diner in Dauphin County is closing its doors after more than three decades of service. The owners were left with no choice but to relocate.

“It grabbed my heart immediately. I’m like, ‘Oh no! Not my breakfast spot!” said Carol Huitt, a customer at the diner for more than 25 years.

East Shore Diner along Cameron and Paxton streets in Harrisburg is an iconic diner, serving customers of all ages throughout the day. It has been open for 38 years, but on Thursday, the owners are saying goodbye to this location.

“It’s a family. I know people’s names, their whole lives because I’ve known some of them for over 20 years,” said East Shore Diner Owner Bill Katsifis. “You know what they order before they even order it.”

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The owners acknowledged the move on Facebook, saying that change is never easy. The diner has to relocate due to PennDOT’s I-83 expansion project.

The plan calls for the rebuilding of the I-83 Capital Beltway. Long-term plans call for reconstruction of the Eisenhower Interchange, widening I-83 between the interchange and the I-83 South Bridge.

“Had it been our choice, we would have stayed here for years and years to come, but PennDOT is building a new ramp directly through our parking lot,” said Stavros Katsifis, the son of the diner’s owner.

The work is expected to take several years, and PennDOT is acquiring properties by eminent domain. The diner is one of those properties.

Owners of the East Shore Diner say they will be moving their diner to a new location, but because of the changes, it will no longer be called the East Shore Diner.

“We’re definitely moving it. I’m not going to lose it,” said Katsifis, adding, “We’re definitely going to move it to the West Shore in Mechanicsburg.” Katsifis said any updates on the exact location will be posted on the diner’s Facebook page.

Wednesday was the last day for food service. The diner opened from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday for coffee and desserts.