HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Following two unrelated inmate deaths at Dauphin County Prison in late August, investigations have determined the circumstance surrounding each.

On Aug. 29, 50-year-old Jimmy King Jr. was found minimally responsive in his cell from a medical event and died at Hershey Medical Center. King was incarcerated for retail theft, escape, and an accident involving damage to auto/property.

On Aug. 20, 46-year-old Herbert Tilghman, who was incarcerated at the prison for possession with intent to manufacture, collapsed and suffered a fatal medical event while receiving treatment.

Tilghman’s death was determined to be from natural causes, whereas King’s was a result of a fight, District Attorney Fran Chardo confirmed.

Chardo noted that King had a history of fighting, having previously fought with his cellmate. That fight, however, did not result in any serious injury, Chardo said. This most recent time though, King died following complications of traumatic brain injury.

It was not specified who King had fought with.

King’s death has been ruled a homicide, although the district attorney made it clear that homicide is potentially problematic and does not mean criminal liability. “If someone broke into your home with a gun and you shot him in self-defense, the manner of death after autopsy would be ruled “homicide.'”

On Wednesday, the Dauphin County’s Prison Board voted unanimously to approve body cameras for corrections staff. The rationale is that the cameras will assist with future investigations and emergency situations.

The board also updated the status of an independent investigation involving Director Brian Clark; it said that the investigation is still ongoing.

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