HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Harrisburg School District is considering whether to establish its own police force.

Does that mean there are currently no police in Harrisburg schools?

abc27 was wondering because some school districts like York have their own police departments.

Others such as Lancaster don’t have their own department but have school resource officers that are contracted through the local police department.

In Harrisburg, you’ve got the superintendent saying he wants to establish a department and you’ve got the city confirming to abc27 that it doesn’t have resource officers in schools.

Putting those two facts together, abc27 asked, does that mean there are no school resource officers in Harrisburg schools?

Lori Suski, Harrisburg Schools Court-Appointed Receiver said, “There are not. The district does not have a school resource officer. And I believe that everyone is aware that Mr. Turman, our superintendent, has been publicly discussing over the last school year his desire to look at having our own police force within the school. That is a very complex process that takes time.”

Suski said time and money but a district spokesperson explained to abc27 that just because there aren’t currently official school resource officers that doesn’t mean no one’s providing security.

She said that in fact more than 35 of these “safety monitors” patrol Harrisburg City School halls.

They’re trained to handle a lot of issues and call Harrisburg Police and district security leaders when something serious happens.

As for the possibility of a district police force, Suski said that right now this is all just an idea with no guarantee when or even if it will end up happening.