HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Explaining how to slice up Pennsylvania with slices of pizza. That’s what Gerry’s Pizza truck was doing in Harrisburg on Thursday.

The Gerry is not a name; instead, it’s short for gerrymandering. The guy behind the truck is a fair government activist traveling to state capitols across the country to explain the negative effects of gerrymandering. THat’s when congressional districts are drawn to give a certain political party power instead of fairly representing the people who live there. The pizza he gives is cut, not in regular slices but in odd shapes, just like gerrymandered districts.

“If you get a messed up slice and the guy behind the counter gets to pick what your slice looks like regardless of what you wanted, that doesn’t exactly feel right and it has real political implications. So, it’s a good way to get the message out and let people know,” Simon Radecki of Represent Us said.

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Both congressional and state legislative districts are being drawn right now at the capitol in Harrisburg.