HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania is celebrating its 342nd birthday on Sunday, March 12.

It is known as Charter Day, which is the day England’s King Charles II gave William Penn the Charter Contract of Pennsylvania, which lead to the creation of the Commonwealth.

To honor the day, The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission in Harrisburg displayed the original charter for visitors to see at The State Museum of Pennsylvania

Governor Josh Shapiro and First Lady Lori Shapiro also visited the museum to commemorate the anniversary.

“It’s that promise of William Penn that all of us have a responsibility that all of us have to try to continue each and every day here in this great Commonwealth and throughout the country. A place where we have to work every day to be a bit more tolerant, a bit more understanding,” Governor Shapiro said.

“The archives keep any document that the state needs to keep forever, but this is the primary document, it’s the number one document, and it really belongs to Pennsylvania,” Director of the State Archives David Carmichael said.

On Monday, the document will head back to the Archives Tower where it will remain in a high-security vault.