HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Danielle Bowers is entering her fifth month as Harrisburg City Council president, and she is well aware of the violence that has plagued the city. The council is considering different options to address the problem.

“It’s a professional services agreement with the research foundation with The City University of New York on behalf of the National Network For Safe Communities at John Jay College, and this would provide consulting services to help reduce gun violence,” Bowers said.

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The City Council president has noticed the community’s response to the shootings. “I am hopeful that all of the different organizations who seem to be doing the same work can come together and find solutions, working with members of City Council as well as the mayor and her administration,” she said.

City Council has other goals, as well, including providing more affordable housing and utilizing $46 million in COVID relief money. Bowers says the council is waiting for a proposal from the mayor on these issues.

Bowers wants to get more people involved in City Council meetings, whether they are watching on its Facebook page or attending in person. She says there are sign language interpreters at the meetings to ensure that community members with hearing impairments are able to participate, too.