HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The fire department in the City of Harrisburg has been around since the late 1790s. It is rich in tradition, but the department has not had many women firefighters.

Allison Shattuck has been full-time for four years. She is the fifth female firefighters in the history of the city. She says it’s a tough but rewarding job.

“You get to be part of the community, Shattuck said. “People depend on your so you have to go the extra mile.”

Shattuck says she works out on every shift to stay in shape and ready.

“Our training is so important,” Shattuck said, “but sometimes when we are in the field, we experience something new, and you have to keep that stored in your memory.”

Shattuck says she is not sure why more women have not been a part of the department in the past.

“I have seen other departments with more women,” Shattuck said. “We need to do a better job of reaching out and going to schools and educating girls about the job and how it can be a rewarding career.”

Shattuck says it’s not uncommon to come in contact with girls when she is out on calls or walking through a neighborhood.

“Little girls will come up and give me a hug,” Shattuck said. “It feels good because they see someone like them in a uniform and it makes them think they can do it also.”