HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Many people who are approaching their 70s are looking forward to relaxation and retirement, but one Harrisburg man is breaking this mold.

Willie Ross of Harrisburg had his sights set on landing a State job with a second chance.

Ross ran into a big roadblock and came to abc27 news. His story has since taken a big turn.

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Sixty-nine-year-old Ross thought that a State janitorial job was the perfect fit for him. Having worked for the State before, the Harrisburg man just needs a few more years of employment to be able to receive a State pension.

Ross was offered the job that fit his background. However, his background also includes county prison time.

“I wasn’t worried about it because I haven’t had any convictions or anything within 18 to 20 years,” explained Ross.

Ross spent time in and out of jail in his life, but his most recent lockup was 20 years ago for a DUI. Despite various letters of recommendation from attorneys and other community members, Ross still received a rejection email after he didn’t pass the State’s background check.

This was a disappointment for Ross and for others who have been incarcerated and are looking for work.

“We’re releasing eight to ten thousand people a year from prisons and where are they going? They’re back to our neighborhoods,” explained John Hargreaves of the Pennsylvania Prison Society. “They need a livelihood.”

Harrisburg Mayor Wanda Williams removed the criminal history question from State applications to help fill jobs and to help expand opportunities. Williams stated that many of the applicants have minor convictions.

Stay up to date on the latest from abc27 News on-air and on the go with the free abc27 Mobile app.

Ross thought about contesting the rejection, as he believed that he was the right man for the job and was willing to work into his mid-seventies.

“God gave me the strength and everything to go back to work. I’m here helping my disabled mom,” explained Ross.

Since sharing Ross’s story, the State has since reached out to Ross and admitted they made a mistake. They reoffered him the janitorial job.

Ross accepted the position and he is set to start his job soon.