HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM)- Earlier this summer, the Harrisburg School District announced a plan to demolish the former William Penn High School. Since then, many in the community have urged the district to reconsider.

During Tuesday’s school board meeting, Dr. Lori Susku charged Superintendent Eric Turman with coming up with a presentation, laying out what led to the decision to demolish the building and plans for the property moving forward.

“The biggest concern that I heard as of late is the fact that the administration brought forward a proposal to demolish the building with no further information provided as to what the plans are for the property moving forward,” Dr. Lori Suski, Harrisburg School District’s court-appointed receiver said.

The district says the cost to maintain the building would be up to $90 million as opposed to the $7 million to knock it down.

Corkey Goldstein, an alumnus of William Penn, agrees the cost to keep the building is too high but wants to see part of it saved.

“Keeping up the facade and putting something here that is nice for the city,” said Goldstein.

“If people are really concerned about a building that for the last decade nobody really cared about, then come to the meeting on September 12,” said Suski.

Residents can ask questions during a committee meeting on September 12 at 6 p.m.